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3 - 6 Months

Latvia Business Visa by Investment

Latvia offers residence permits to those who invest in the country. If your budget is limited, simply invest in a trusted Latvian company, pay the fees, and get a European residence permit within three months. You may find this option on the official Latvian government website.

The Most Affordable Investment

The cheapest investment for getting a European PR. You can invest in Latvindia project, which guarantees your investment.

Live in Europe

You and your family can move and settle in Latvia, in a European country. Latvindia helps you to find a job, rent a flat, and find a school for your children.

Learn in Europe
European Education

As a Latvian resident, your children will have free access to the Latvian education system from nursery to the university. Latvia has excellent English schools as well.

Free travel in Europe

As Latvia is part of the Schengen zone of Europe, your residence card allows you to travel freely throughout Europe without the need for a Schengen visa.

How to get Latvian residency?

Calculate your cost

How does it work?

You will get an easy to understand overview and all details of getting a Latvian residence permit by investing 50,000 euro in a Latvian company. You may learn the benefits of a European residency including free movement in Europe, access to health-care and education. We give you a step-by-step description of the process and how to pay less money.

The video is an edited version of a previous webinar.

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Latvia business investment

What should you pay for the residence permit?

Who will get residency in Latvia?

What are the requirements?

Latvia residence card
man Main Applicant
  • Clean criminal record
  • Enough money to invest
  • Able to verify the source of your money
woman Spouse
  • Marriage certificate
  • Clean criminal record
minor children Minor Children
  • Dependent children below the age of 18
  • Birth certificate
adult children Adult Children
  • Cannot be included
  • You can send an invitation letter to facilitate Schengen visa
parents Parents/Grandparents
  • Cannot be included
  • You can send an invitation letter to facilitate Schengen visa

Latvia Residency by Business Investment

What is the process?

WEEK 1 Contract

Engage us
Once you have decided to start your Latvian business investment, you have to sign a contract with us and transfer the first instalment of the administration fee.

money WEEK 2

Invest 50,000 euro in a Latvian company
You invest your money in the equity capital of a trusted company (we suggest our Latvindia project) for 5 years. Your investment is guaranteed for this period. The company issues the invitation letter, which is required at the application.

WEEK 3 documents

Collect the documents
You should collect and legalise all the required documents (see above). We prepare the application form and other governmental documents.

processing WEEK 6

File your application at a Latvian Embassy
You have book an appointment (we assist you) and visit the dedicated Latvian Embassy and file your application.


Travel to Latvia and get your residence card
After your permit has been granted, you pay the government fee, the balance of the administration fee and receive your residence cards. You and all of your family members, included in your application, should travel to Latvia to obtain the residence permit cards.


Permanent residency
If you live in Latvia for 5 years, you can apply for permanent residency (Latvia PR). Or you can renew your temporary residence permit.

EU Long Term Residency
You can also for long term resident of European Union status after 5 years of living in Latvia. As a result, you may move to another EU country, you can live, study and work in that country, like Germany or Netherlands.

YEAR 10 passport

If you live in Latvia for 10 years, you can apply for Latvian citizenship, and you will be an EU citizen.

Latvia PR

European Residency

Change your life

Latvia Business Investment

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In which company can I invest?

    You can invest in our dedicated investment company called LatviaPlus. LatviaPlus manages the investments and does not make any risky business activity.

  • What is Latvindia Projekt?

    As we have received many requests to help immigration to Latvia, we created a project to facilitate the settlement of investors in Latvia. Latvindia’s mission is to connect you to Europe and Latvia. Latvindia offers:
    Safe investment with profit
    Residence permit for the family
    Support for moving and living in Latvia
    Support for education of your children in Latvia.

  • Will I be the owner of the company I invest?

    Yes. You invest in the equity capital of the company; thus, you will be a shareholder of the company.

  • How safe is the investment in LatviaPlus, and what profit will I get?

    First of all, LatviaPlus is not the usual business venture. Its main activity is to treasure the funds of the investors. We offer you 3 investment options with different benefits:
    1. PROFIT — Guaranteed refund of the invested 50,000 euro with a minimum yearly profit of 1,5%.
    2. FREE RENEWAL — Guaranteed refund of the invested 50,000 euro, with free yearly registration and a free renewal after 5 years.
    3. NEW LIFE — If you settle and live in Latvia, Latvindia may support you with a loan of maximum 40,000 euro. The loan is limited to the first 3 settlers; please contact us for the details.

  • What if the company gets bankruptcy?

    LatviaPlus has no chance for bankruptcy. Contact us for the details.

  • Will I get back my investment after 5 years?

    Yes, you get back your 50,000 euro investment after 5 years, or you can keep your investment for another 5 years.

  • Can I invest in my own company?

    Yes. However, your startup company should pay at least 40,000 euro tax every year. This is not an easy requirement for a new company. We suggest to invest in LatviaPlus and try to run your own business separately.

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